Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sneak Peek "Where's The Fat?!"

Sneak Peek of "Where's The Fat?!"

Standing in front of a mirror after a long work out, the sexy little Alexa is perplexed at the amount of "fat" still on her tiny body.  Trying to show her that Curves ARE Sexy, watch as I compare curves with her, as I ask "Where's The Fat!?" The comparisons between her tiny petite body, and My overwhelming 386 lbs is Amazing. Filled with Thigh shaking, Booty Jiggling, Size comparisons...and more.

Also in this weeks update:  

Jenny Riot has her way with this  lowly subject.  Duct taped and smothered beneath all her luscious curves.  This heavy weight hottie has a thing or two to teach this pathetic sub.  Face sitting, Chest sitting, Breast smothering and More...


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