Friday, December 30, 2011

Updates for Jan 29th

This weeks update on

Macey Moore takes a seat on this lucky guy.  With only a balloon standing between her and sitting full weight on his chest.  Watch as the balloon deforms and gives under her massive weight, and her subject moan and groan beneath her. 

 Lisa Lusche stars in Part One of "Peeping Tom Gets Pounded On"

This poor subject has the unfortunate experience of being a peeping tom "sneaking into" the house of 6'3 Lisa Lusche. Watch as she catches the would be peeper and quickly puts him in his place by trampling, sitting, and crushing him while she calls AmazonAmanda to come over.

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AmazonAmanda in "Work Out and Jiggle"

Watch as I'm "working out" with tiny weights, when little Holly walks in and asks Exactly what I'm doing.  She offers to help Me work out using her as the new weight. First she measures Me to get a "baseline" measurement, then I proceed to lift her in cradle carries, bicep curls, piggy backs and squats.  To end it all with her massaging and rubbing My belly as we compare and play with our belly buttons.

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